Monday, 30 January 2012

Living the dream!

I have a confession to make: I had totally forgotten that I have a profile on Authors Hotline! It is a fantastic website where you get to learn all sorts about your favourite authors. I must have written it ages ago so  I thought I'd better check to see what I'd written. In answer to the question :
"What do you day dream about?"
I've written:
" Having a little place in the country with a couple of cows, a few sheep and a donkey..."
And guess what? I now live in a little cottage surrounded by fields of sheep and cows and I can usually see the two rather gorgeous donkeys - Nelly and Cocoa - from my office window. I truly am living my dream! How lucky am I?
Check out It's a brilliant resource and I check on it all the time now to find out more about MY favourite authors!

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Fiona Cummings said...

Fiona not only do we share the same names are both vegetarians and love animals, my guide dog also has trouble with her poor hips. I dream to write one day I have started to write blogs, please will you let me know what you think? Thank youx