Friday, 13 February 2009

Another day...

I've had a strange week - ANOTHER ONE - massive lows, big big highs and some odd conversations (although they were more like 'shouts') with what sounded as though it should be a 7-year old but was actually a middle-aged man. I credit myself with at least sounding like a teenager!

Petulant men/boys aside, I've met some lovely people this week. Women whom I recognsied but have never spoken to before who are just so sweet and lovely about the book. I've spoken to a couple of journalists who were delightful and not a bit scary (as I'd assumed). I've just received (2 months after it was posted) a letter from a reader of the 'Sleepover Club' which reaffirmed why this 'job' is the best in the world. And my facebook posse of course! That is too long and complicated to explain but we have just laughed and laughed online this week and have our very own story going.

Also a bit of a name check to Chris, Jen, Kirsty, Keith, Jules, Flissy and of course Roberto - I ranted, you listened, bless you!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day (and in an American sitcom type way) - to all my friends - "I love you guys!"

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