Tuesday, 19 May 2009


As well as having at least one notebook in every handbag I own, I also have lots of bits of paper. Some of them have names and numbers scrawled on them (I have no idea why when I could have written them down in the notebook) and some of them are 'things of interest' I have torn out of magazines. Now I should be more like Little Doogs I know, and have a Special Notebook for Special Thoughts and Special Things in which I stick everything as soon as I find it. Alas I haven't managed that - yet!

What usually happens is that I carry the bits of paper round with me for ages, then on a murky old day when I'm feeling a tad bored, I take them out, decide whether they really are worth keeping then chase up whatever was so fascinating in the first place!

That is exactly what happened a couple of days ago and I discovered a fantastic website that not only sells the most gorgeous notebooks with hand-made covers it sells fabulous necklaces and brooches too - win, win, win!

It is called www.frippery.uk.com

I tried to buy something but couldn't so sent an email and received the loveliest one back the next day from Barbara who runs Frippery saying that she was in the midst of an Open Studios in Brighton and would send me pics of her stock next week. She also makes things to order if there's nothing there which exactly fits the bill. Even better (and what made me laugh) was that she assured me she was typing everything in a northern accent having moved south only last year.

Win, win, win, win, win!!!!!

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