Friday, 29 May 2009

Big thanks to Wimbledon Library

I have had a brilliant day. The sun is shining, it's almost the weekend and I had such a great time at Wimbledon Library this morning.

The sun was already bright when I got up, so I thought,
'Oh-oh no-one will turn up, they'll all be doing something outside'.

Then it clouded over and I thought,
'Oh well everyone's probably got plans now anyway.'
And in my head I'd convinced myself that there really would only be me and Catherine (fab librarian) and The Schnoops.

But actually there were quite a few children there - and what fabulous, fun children they were. And so were their parents: really supportive and welcoming and you know we all had lots of fun.

I always love to hear children laugh - especially at something I've written - and laugh they did. A LOT! And I am especially encouraged when I hear adults laughing when I read 'Extremely Very...' because what Ian and I wanted from the outset was something which would appeal to children and their parents alike. So thank you Wimbledon parents for laughing along too. You made my day.

At the end I was asking the children which was their favourite bit of the story. The boy right at the front said,
"Erm, I know....the end!"

That has made me chuckle all afternoon.

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