Thursday, 4 June 2009

10 random things I have learnt this week

1. Cats are more difficult than dogs when it comes to administering tablets. Ted eats them as though they are treats, Charlie Cat next door hates the sight of them. Which is unfortunate as he has to have one every morning. We're looking after him this week. It's a two-handed job but I think we've got the hang of it.
Fish are easy - no tablets, just food!

2. Ironing is a killer for the back.

3. It is really tought when parents get old. Espcially when they are quite far away. I feel very guilty that I am not around to help more.

4. Always check what advance publicity there has been for an event you are taking part in. Panic if there has been none. But do not be surprised if nappy-wearing toddlers turn up expecting story time for the under-fives when you are reading from your book which was written for 7-year olds.

5. Remain calm when aforementioned toddlers get restless whilst you are reading, wander around grabbing other children's hair while yelling 'Bye Bye'. Carry on regardless.

6. Remember your friend's advice: when you are reading to a group of children and adults, remember your focus is ALWAYS on the children. Do not try to talk on two levels.

7. The Internet is a wonderful way of connecting people - reuniting old friends and creating new friendships. It is also a way of making connections with people who can help you - great to be the person who can do the 'helping' once in a while.

8. Sometimes you feel a connection with someone even if you have never met them. Make the most of it, it's called fate.

9. It's always interesting (and a bit nerve-wracking) to read what a journalist has made of your words. Best if it is before publication. Great to find out that you come across as happy, fun and passionate about what you do. Even if there isn't a mention of your new book!

10. Everyone's free (to wear sunscreen)

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