Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Things I have learnt this week #2

1. It is really not sensible to dance until 2.30am in heels when you have a weak back. It might be fun at the time (oh it was, it was!) but you will suffer for it later.

2. Some people can be unbelievably rude when you have given up your time to do something. The best thing is to remember why you are there, get on an enjoy that and RISE ABOVE!

3. Given 2 alternatives people have a tendency to choose a 3rd: the one they suggest themselves.

4. People cope with adversity in hundreds of different ways, all of them are right.

5. It seems to be the nicest most undeserving people who are struck down by illness. Life is so unfair.

6. I will definitely put more 'bottoms' in my next book - laughter guaranteed!

7. I need to perfect my accents: my 'Newcastle accent' is particularly rubbish.

8. Wimbledon is a particularly splendid place to be at this time of year: I so love the buzz when the tennis is in town.

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