Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Don't look back

I've just had an 'oh my goodness it's July tomorrow' moment. Where HAS the year gone?

Sometimes life just doesn't turn out the way you expected, does it? That certainly applies to me this year. But right now, the sun is shining, Ted is asleep at my feet, my friend is hoping to be out of hospital this week, friends are coming down to stay this evening, I'm going up to Yorkshire next week....and life is pretty damn good. If I was sad for the first couple of months, I certainly seem to have been laughing for the last three.

On January 1st I was looking forward to an exciting year ahead. It hasn't turned out how I expected so far, it's just gone down a different path. It's an unusual one, lots of twists and turns, a bit dark in places but it's FUN, leading to lots of new challenges, introducing me to lots of new people.

My niece Emily always laughs at me because whenever I say 'goodbye' to anyone - at a station, after a meal, after an evening out - I never look back. I do my 'goodbye' things and walk away. I don't know if that's right or not, but it's me and it's how I deal with things....I look forward to the next thing.

Right now I'm looking forward to my visits to Primary Schools in Calderdale, West Yorkshire next week. 5 schools, 4 days.......CAN'T WAIT!

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