Thursday, 16 April 2009

Random views from Yorkshire

Yorkshire was so beautiful last week and we had such a good time I am feeling quite homesick now. The leaves seemed to pop out on the trees whilst we were there and I swear that if I'd taken the time I could have actually watched them growing. There were daffodils nodding and shining in the sun and many lambs. It took me all my time not to dash out across the fields, scoop a few up and bring them back with me to Wimbledon. Ted would LOVE them I am sure.

I saw the rainbow as I was walking Ted one day: it was part of a double rainbow and was the widest, brightest, most vivid rainbow you could imagine. I had to stop and stare and wonder if the people beneath knew that they were at the end of it.

The eggs are from Jules' father's hens and are, I am assured, the most delicious eggs in the world with massive rich yellow yolks.

And Jules....she is my Oldest Dearest Friend. I love spending time with her when I am 'home' I miss her very badly when I am not.

1 comment:

Adrian and Jules said...

aye up lass, them there pictures
mek me reight proud to be a Yorkshireman.
But Jules says she'd never 'ave agreed to ave er picture teken in t'owd coat if she knew it were goin on t'interweb.