Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Schnoops on tour!

Little Doogs and his mates started their world tour yesterday. First stop Watford - California in October!!

I couldn't think of a better place to begin than Orchard Primary School - it sounds a happy place to be and it certainly lived up to that. I would like to thank everyone for making me so welcome, especially Mrs O'Callaghan and Year 2.

It was a happy day for me all round because I met up with Melanie whom I haven't seen since we left school (coughs loudly) years ago! She was looking great and it was good to catch up with her over lunch AND to have her support. (She took the photographs as well as doing all sorts of other things including operating the white board which, I'm afraid, defeated me!)

It was a brilliant day and I learnt so much:

1) Organisation is crucial but going with the flow is just as important. Children will always go off on a tangent and quite often it is one well worth exploring with them.

2) I suit a bowler hat apparently

3) Any mention of 'bottom' is always a winner

4) Whereas I think 21 is very young, to a 6-year old it is almost geriatric

5) Hearing a boy say "that's a great story, I loved that!" is better than gold-dust...or diamonds... or indeed a wardrobe full of boots

6) I most definitely have the very best job in the whole wide world ever

I had a great day, I hope the children in Year 2 at Orchard Primary School did too.
Their work was superb and I look forward to seeing them again on World Book Day next year.

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