Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hold the front page!

Well the feature about me is in The halifax Courier's kind of funny because I've only seen it online and I can't imagine what it looks like in a newspaper. Mum rang me up to tell me that it was a 'double page spread' and that it all looked good. All I could say to Robert when I saw it online was 'My face looks fat! It's horrible! Is my face really that fat? I can't go out if I look like that!' etc. etc. etc. so now he is blaming me for his awful headache!

I did enjoy talking to Virginia Mason because she was so much fun, and I knew that she wasn't going to twist my words. But the whole 'selling myself' is hard, I must admit. I'm just trying to get my profile together for a website which is for anyone wanting a children's author for a visit/talk/workshop etc. and I'm finding it difficult choosing just the right words, the right tone...I know that 'getting out there' is something I HAVE to do now. And something I AM looking forward to doing the same time I'd quite like to just sit in my office and write.

Now we all know what a disaster I am with links on here so I will attempt to put one up for the article. If it doesn't get highlighted, I suggest going onto the Internet and googling 'Virginia Mason' then when the Courier website comes up, go on to 'Features' and look up the one entitled 'I'd forgottne how good it is here'
...then go back and read some more of Virginia's articles, because they're very good!

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