Saturday, 21 March 2009

A buzz

I feel as though there is a bit of a buzz starting now about 'The Extremely Very Scrambled Up World of Little Doogs' which is GREAT and makes everything so worthwhile. When Ian was in Texas he passed copies on to a couple of publishers out there, Lindsey my lovely agent has been so supportive and is taking the books to Bologna, which is the big Fair for children's books, next week. I'm going to the London Book Fair and to an event by the Society of Authors and of course most importantly of all I am going into schools to meet the children I write for.

As well as schools I had sent emails to local libraries offering my services to read to groups of children. I am quite passionate about libraries because they are such a valuable resource and I don't want them to go the same way as our Post Offices - do NOT get me started about that. I hadn't heard anything since firing off the emails so was feeling a little despondent, then yesterday I heard from Wimbledon library who are very keen for me to go in at Half Term. FANTASTIC!

I've been working all morning, preparing for my visit to Orchard School on 30th and I also seem to have been fielding a rash of phone calls offering me everything from help with my overdraft (non-existent I am happy to say) to numerous unbeatable share offers (like yeah, I'm really going to take that up over the phone). So when the phone rang yet again with a 'caller withheld' number I wasn't in the best of spirits. In fact I could possibly have been quite rude. Big mistake! It was Raynes Park library wanting me to go there to read. I feel so ashamed. I hope I made amends with my enthusiasm later, but really I have no excuse. I promise that from now on I will always answer the phone in a happy manner - because I never know who will be on the other end. Johnny Depp you have my number!

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