Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mushroom Adventure by Jake Ostle

I really must apologise as I just cannot upload any pictures on to the blog and I feel that really the stories do deserve pictures! I will keep on trying!

Today's story is by Jake Ostle who is in Year 6 at Western Springs Primary School. I really like his story because you really feel the energy of the challenges faced by the characters. I think the layout enhances the sense of drama too. Well done Jake!

Mushroom Adventure

In this story there are three main characters Steve, Michal and Liam they are all having a good time

then the floor is shaking and everyone is
running back to the Mushroom house
but Steve, Michal and Liam get locked
out! Then they see Monsters so
they start running but they fall in a hole
the Monsters pass and there adventure begins

They see a sign saying if you pass the challenge
You will be free so they go throw the first task
The challenge is there is lava and bricks to jump
On so Steve said let me go first so he jumped
On the first block and he almost fell but he
Got the hang of it and then he got to the end
Liam and Michal zoomed across it. When they
Got to the end they had another task and they had
To swim across some water with sharks in.

So Liam said let me got first so he got ready to swim
As fast as he could and then he jumped in and started
To swim really fast a shark came zooming to him but
He just made it to the other side then then it was
Michal's turn so he jumped in and started to swim
And he made it without anything going after him
Then it was Steve's turn so Steve jumped in and
Started to swim he got bit but he still made it across
He could only limp but fine and then there was
A sign saying this is the last test the test was
There are spikes on the ground and handles
On the wall so they all went after each other. They made it across and then there was stairs going back
Up to the top so they went up the stairs to the
Top and seen there mushroom home and everyone
Was out playing again so they all had a brilliant time

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