Thursday, 1 November 2012

Today's story is by Bethany Byrne who is also in Year 6 at Western Springs Commuity Primary School.

What I like about Bethany's story is that she wrote the story she wanted to write. When I visited the school we created fantasy settings. The class were divided into groups and each one came up with a different setting, we then introduced props around which the children created characters for their settings. I feel that Bethany was just desperate to tell this story and used the Mushroom World setting as a way of getting it out there. That so often happens as an author: you know the story you want to tell but you're never quite sure of the form it's going to take.

As before, I have typed the story here with orginal form and spelllings.

The Mushroom Mystery

The red tall mushroom shot through brown trees it looked like a magical world. But it really was a miracle. It was a place you have never seen before. It was red as the red cheeks.

There are lots of tiny people tiny enough to stand on. Blue Smith is having a baby girl today and she is calling her Little Red Tear. Letter that day she had little red tear she can walk now.

Tear is a funny little girl. But one day Blue Smith and Little Red Tear went to the shopping centre was packed of people mum turned around to look at something and when she looked back Little Red Tear was gone.

Blue Smith phoned the police they looked everywhere but they could not see her any were "Oh no" said Blue Smith. Letter that day Blue Smith had a knock on the door we have found Little Red Tear "Oh thank you" said Blue Smith.

Little Red Tear didn't ever wondered off again.

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