Monday, 5 November 2012

The Evil King by Jack Johnson

More gummy bears!

Today's story is by Jack Johnson who is in Year 6 at Western Springs Community Primary School.  He was part of the group who created Candy World  as their fantasy setting. When I asked whether it was always a happy place, they agreed that it wasn't all the time but the group had different ideas of how a sinister element should be introduced,  so this is Jack's version of it. I love the ending!

(As always I am retyping the story exactly as I received it.)

The Evil King

On  a bright sunny morning the bell rang and all of the gummy bears woke up. And king gummy went down the stairs for his usual brekafast.

Overnight King Gummy left his cloak on the washing line a thief took the kings cloak. And replaced the kings cloak with an enchanted cloak and the cloak was evil.

Then the king went outside and put the enchanted cloak on. Jelly went to see King Gummy when he got there Jelly nocked on the door the king said go away Jelly said why the king never replied so Jelly went home.

The next day Jelly went back to King Gummies house with marshmallow they knocked on the door instantly they asked are you alright king gummy said yes why because you sound different I now because I have turned evil and I am going to destroy Candy Land the next morning the villager's stormed into the kings house and they ate the king they had a big party with loads of gummy bears.

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