Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What I love about 'The Victory over Greedy Ghost'

As yesterday's post was quite a long one I thought I'd wait until today to tell you what I love about Ryan's writing. I think his use of language is just fab - lots of exciting descriptions which make the reader feel as though they're really there. Something else which I am thrilled about is that you can tell that Ryan has planned his story before writing. It is so easy to get carried away with an idea and not really know where it is going to go. Ryan's story really does have a beginning, a middle and an end. And of course it has some lovely funny bits as well, and I always love a funny bit!Top stuff Ryan.

And of course it is very appropriate that we started with a story about a ghost. I hope you all have a very happy Hallowe'en!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Victory over Greedy Ghost by Ryan Webster

I've been lucky enough to lead quite a few school workshops lately, something I absolutely love because I come away feeling so inspired. Children have the most wonderful imaginations and have such fun running with ideas. One of the things which makes me a bit sad when I've been into a school is that I rarely see the writing which has resulted from my visit. I mentioned to the last schools I visited that I would try to find a way of putting some of the children's work on my website. As I am rather technically challenged this was a bit of a tall order, until I realised that I could revive my blog for just that purpose. So that is exactly what I'm going to do.

I am having trouble uploading photographs which is a pain but I will try to rectify that. I had intended the first of the new style postings to be a letter from Sam from Bowling Green School, Stainland, but as I wanted to show you the original that will have to come later. Instead I'm going to start with a story by RYAN WEBSTER  who is in Year 6 at Western Springs Community Primary School, Rugeley. Again I wanted to show you the photograph of the accompanying letter but instead I will type it:

Dear Fiona

Thank you ever so much for giving up your own time for us. You have inspired me to write my own storys. I think that the story I've written is my best because of you.

Yours sincerely, Ryan Webster

What more could I ever want - thank YOU Ryan.

I have typed out his story below, with the original spellings and layout, but sadly not the fantastic font!

The Victory over Greedy Ghost

'THE GRAND OPENING TODAY' was written in large print for all the Jelly Babies to see. Built for the kind-hearted Gummy Bear King was the newly built cupcake castle. With the marsh mellow pillows and the scrumptious icing curtains laid all about on the dazzling sparkling windows. It was officially a land mark.

As all the Jelly Babies crowded round to see Mayor Marsh Mellow cut the strawberry lace, there grew a huge silence...then, as sly as a fox, SNAP! There was the most deafening cheer ever made in the history of Cupcake World! But little did they know the dangers that awaited them...

Tick tock, tick tock. 00.01! Spring time was here. The time when the Greedy Ghost and his Fog Crew covered the crumby ground. But this time, after the cheer that had woke Greedy Ghost from his sleep, he was here for revenge..."What the Haribo's is going on!?" cried out the majestc Gummy Bear King.

"Squeak! We think the gullible Greedy...Squeak!...ghost is back!" squeaked the sugar mice. "Right then" exclaimed the King "Off with his head! All these 157 years of being in charge and we still haven't defeated that ruthless rebel!"

"But, Squeak! He hasn't got a head"  The King's face went as red as a strawberry with embarrassment. "Ok, we'll give him one more day and if he hasn't retreated by then, there will be no more of this madness".

So, the next day, King Gummy Bear sent out his sugar mice troops to collect the King's best friend, Candy Candice. As soon as she heard of her friend's trouble, Candice slotted in one of her special ltd edition Toxic sprays, and put it into her Bubble Gum handbag. Meanwhile, the courageous King put his filthy, flour covered cloak onto the shoelace washing line!

Greedy Ghost was watching in the Candyfloss bushes. As soon as the King had closed the door, he pounced at the opportunity to take control of the cloak. It took 2 hours to walk to and back to the King's and Candice's house because Mount Fudge was in the middle and also along with the famous hot chocolate volcano.

Now, on top of Mt. Fudge, candice and the sugar mice had a great view of what was happening. Soon, instead of walking, they were literally running! Now, halfway down the Mountain, they could just about see the King putting the cloak on!
"Stop! No! He will control you!" they shouted together. But, the loud shouting was nothing but the noise of...nothing.

Once at the house, they saw that the King was eating his castle down! The leader of the sugar mice whistled out Raging Rover out of his cupcake kennel. He came racing out and tore of the cloak. Then, Candy candice sprayed her Toxic spray on the cloak. Immediately, the ghost leapt out of the pockets. Now everyone in Cupcake World carry's a spray and Candy Candice is now called Queen Candice as she got married to the almighty King Gummy Bear! You never know if there is more danger around the corner...