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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mushroom Adventure by Jake Ostle

I really must apologise as I just cannot upload any pictures on to the blog and I feel that really the stories do deserve pictures! I will keep on trying!

Today's story is by Jake Ostle who is in Year 6 at Western Springs Primary School. I really like his story because you really feel the energy of the challenges faced by the characters. I think the layout enhances the sense of drama too. Well done Jake!

Mushroom Adventure

In this story there are three main characters Steve, Michal and Liam they are all having a good time

then the floor is shaking and everyone is
running back to the Mushroom house
but Steve, Michal and Liam get locked
out! Then they see Monsters so
they start running but they fall in a hole
the Monsters pass and there adventure begins

They see a sign saying if you pass the challenge
You will be free so they go throw the first task
The challenge is there is lava and bricks to jump
On so Steve said let me go first so he jumped
On the first block and he almost fell but he
Got the hang of it and then he got to the end
Liam and Michal zoomed across it. When they
Got to the end they had another task and they had
To swim across some water with sharks in.

So Liam said let me got first so he got ready to swim
As fast as he could and then he jumped in and started
To swim really fast a shark came zooming to him but
He just made it to the other side then then it was
Michal's turn so he jumped in and started to swim
And he made it without anything going after him
Then it was Steve's turn so Steve jumped in and
Started to swim he got bit but he still made it across
He could only limp but fine and then there was
A sign saying this is the last test the test was
There are spikes on the ground and handles
On the wall so they all went after each other. They made it across and then there was stairs going back
Up to the top so they went up the stairs to the
Top and seen there mushroom home and everyone
Was out playing again so they all had a brilliant time

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Pottery Mouse by Emily Wood

Emily is in year 4/5 at Bowling Green Primary School, Stainland. I have worked with her there but she sent me this story some time ago, and I was thrilled to learn that she had written it specially for me. She has a super style and tells a great story, and it's hard to believe she was only 8 when she wrote it! I've seen the lovely mouse which inspired the story and love to think of children letting their imagination go and thinking up stories behind familiar objects. You can tell that Emily just loves to write, so well done and keep it up!


Once there was a little girl called Katie at school they made all these pottery animals. But Katie did not make a dog or a cat or a fish she made a pottery mouse. Now she loved this pottery mouse. In the day time she would put the mouse on her windowsill. And at night time she would rest it on her bedside table. At night Katie would often hear scampering and rustling inside the house every night she would lay down and listen to all the noise. One day Katie was getting ready for school when she saw that her pottery mouse was not on her bedside table. "Where has my mouse gone?" Katie said in a very scared voice. When Katie was ready she searched all over the place but she could not find her pottery mouse . When Katie came back from school she was very glum. She sadly walked up the stairs and went to her bedroom. Then all of a sudden Katie got a big shock there on her bedroom table was the little pottery mouse.

But there was something different about the pottery mouse. It was covered with dust and dirt.

When it came to Katie's bed time she put her little sneak cam up. The next morning was Saturday and Katie rushed out of bed got her sneak cam and played the video. Katie got a really big shock in the night her pottery mouse had turned into a normal mouse sneaked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Now after this Katie rushed out of her room and ran into the kitchen. And there on the table was her little pottery mouse this time it was covered with fur, dust and dirt. Katie then touched her pottery mouse and she could feel a heart beating and the mouse breathing. Then all of a sudden the mouse jumped of the table and ran into Katie's bedroom.

Katie had made a little box which had a feathered bed and two little bowls to put food and water in. And there the little pottery mouse lay and gave birth to five little baby pups. As Katie walked in she saw the little pottery mouse and it's little pups and ran to find her mum and dad. And from that day on the little pottery mouse lived in a nice cosy home. With all her little pups.

The End

Thursday, 8 November 2012

St Mary's and St Peter's Catholic Primary School, Bradford

I've just returned from walking Ted, having spent a frantic few minutes literally combing midges out of my hair after walking through a swarm of them! Nasty!

As I tell children on my visits, walking Ted marks the beginning and end of my writing day (and as it's only mid-afternoon I've knocked off very early today!). We had an early start this morning and a very short walk in the dark as I was heading to St Mary's and St Peter's Catholic Primary school in Bradford.

Despite very very clear directions from good friends (thank you Jennie and Jon) I still managed to get lost in the middle of Bradford. (I am blaming my Sat Nav which I inadvertently turned on to discover it was still attempting to get me to my last destination. I had to reset it and well, it really does like to take me via the most roundabout, awkward routes is all I'm saying).

However, my driving stress was eased as soon as I walked through the gates - someone showed my how to get to reception, I was talked through the very flash signing-in system complete with instant photograph, and was made very welcome with a cup of coffee.

Sitting for over an hour is quite an ordeal for Years 1 and 2 but they were all really great. We had a retelling of Cinderella with some very unattractive step-sisters and a very lively retelling of 'Little Red Riding Hood' with a movie star as the main character, a dual-personality wolf and an animated woodcutter - just fab!

Before the session with Year 2, the lovely Mrs Porter,  told me that the pupils in her class hailed from an astonishing 15 different countries, with English being their common language but in most cases their second. She told me the heart-breaking stories of 2 children from Burma, the family experiencing things no-one should ever have to experience. And yet, when it comes to the dreadful SATs all that the government seems bothered about is ticking some wretched boxes. The children were brilliant, the teachers were brilliant, and their achievements are incredible. I just wish that could be recognised not just a list of targets and attainments.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Video of 'Bankfield Chronicles'

Today I'm going to be a bit self-indulgent and post the video which promotes the 'Bankfield Chronicles' workshops I am involved with as part for the Discover programme in Calderdale. It was such brilliant fun last year and hopefully more schools  will enjoy the experience over the next few years.

I think the video can tell you about it in a much more exciting way than I could. It is a long one but really worth watching (and yes I do appear in it, in the second half!)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

'Weird people' by Ryan Millerchip

Ryan Millerchip is a Year 6 pupil at Western Springs Community Primary School.  All the pupils from Year 6 wrote me a letter as well as sending me their stories. This is what Ryan wrote:

Dear Fiona
It was amazing when you came into school. I loved your picture of your dog. we have done the stories that you asked us to do. We are editing them. Are you writing any new stories. We are sending you some of out work.
Yours sincerely
Ryan Millerchip

Editing your own work is kind of hard, but very necessary so I'm always pleased to hear that it is one of the skills which children in KS2 are introduced to.

Ryan's story is great because it is completely different from any of the others, he has is own style and I love the tie-in at the end - very clever and very funny!

Weird people

On a dark misty morning Phillip and his dad were watching the news with a delicious peperoni pizza. "this pizza is amazing" said Phillip "it sure is" said dad.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Said the TV "oh no" said Phillip. Some weird people are heading for town nobody knows what they are.
Please remain c.....all of the electricity was gone. "oh no" said dad "the power has gone out". Luckily the street lights were still on.

So all they had to do was go to the glass door and open it. It took lots of fiddling but they finally got outside. they could see lots of weird people in the distance.

"It's them the weird people" said Phillip "they do look a bit weird to be fair."
"We need to warn the town" said dad.

"You can't " said a man. "take this and pour it off the town hall roof" so they did
3.2.1 then they poured it off "we're melting " said the weird people "we did it" said Phillip.  "we sure did" said dad.

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Evil King by Jack Johnson

More gummy bears!

Today's story is by Jack Johnson who is in Year 6 at Western Springs Community Primary School.  He was part of the group who created Candy World  as their fantasy setting. When I asked whether it was always a happy place, they agreed that it wasn't all the time but the group had different ideas of how a sinister element should be introduced,  so this is Jack's version of it. I love the ending!

(As always I am retyping the story exactly as I received it.)

The Evil King

On  a bright sunny morning the bell rang and all of the gummy bears woke up. And king gummy went down the stairs for his usual brekafast.

Overnight King Gummy left his cloak on the washing line a thief took the kings cloak. And replaced the kings cloak with an enchanted cloak and the cloak was evil.

Then the king went outside and put the enchanted cloak on. Jelly went to see King Gummy when he got there Jelly nocked on the door the king said go away Jelly said why the king never replied so Jelly went home.

The next day Jelly went back to King Gummies house with marshmallow they knocked on the door instantly they asked are you alright king gummy said yes why because you sound different I now because I have turned evil and I am going to destroy Candy Land the next morning the villager's stormed into the kings house and they ate the king they had a big party with loads of gummy bears.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Sam's letter

If ever there was a post which deserves a photograph it is this one, but after trying for an hour to upload one I have, I'm afraid, admitted defeat. (I swear this computer hates me!) Anway, today I'm going to print out the letter which Sam Whiteley who is in Year 3/4 at Bowling Green School, Stainland sent to me.

I had a brilliant time when I visited Bowling Green for a day and a half in September and can't wait until I visit again on 27th November. When I was asking about hobbies Sam told me that his hobby was farming, but as it turns out it is more of a passion! I really wanted to talk to him about it as I live in the middle of a farming community and I'm fascinated by the rhythm of the seasons and cannot believe just how hard farmers work! Sadly I didn't have time to catch up with him for a chat so Allison Deighton, the fabulous literacy co-ordinator at the school and teacher of Year4/5 suggested he write to me.

I absolutely love this letter because I really feel as though I am on the farm with Sam when I'm reading it. Everyone always says you should write about what you know and love, and this comes across in every sentence in Sam's letter.

Dear Fiona
I am Sam. You came into school to tell us about your book and how to write. I told you all about my farm. I am writing this letter because I want to tell you more about my animals. My pet cow called Binky follows me around the field and sniffs my pocket for biscuits. My show jumping sheep jumps over jumps, she is very cute and is very funny. Her name is Sandy. Bobby the bull is greedy. I have a model farm and I play with it a lot. I have a little Jack Russel called Molly, she is very nice and barks when someone comes.

I help with lambing and calving. I have helped to pull a lamb and a calf out of their mums bellies. My Dad lets me drive the bailer when he is hey meking. I sit on the top of the bails and get a lift home from the fields.

Thank you Sam Whiteley