Friday, 2 November 2012

Sam's letter

If ever there was a post which deserves a photograph it is this one, but after trying for an hour to upload one I have, I'm afraid, admitted defeat. (I swear this computer hates me!) Anway, today I'm going to print out the letter which Sam Whiteley who is in Year 3/4 at Bowling Green School, Stainland sent to me.

I had a brilliant time when I visited Bowling Green for a day and a half in September and can't wait until I visit again on 27th November. When I was asking about hobbies Sam told me that his hobby was farming, but as it turns out it is more of a passion! I really wanted to talk to him about it as I live in the middle of a farming community and I'm fascinated by the rhythm of the seasons and cannot believe just how hard farmers work! Sadly I didn't have time to catch up with him for a chat so Allison Deighton, the fabulous literacy co-ordinator at the school and teacher of Year4/5 suggested he write to me.

I absolutely love this letter because I really feel as though I am on the farm with Sam when I'm reading it. Everyone always says you should write about what you know and love, and this comes across in every sentence in Sam's letter.

Dear Fiona
I am Sam. You came into school to tell us about your book and how to write. I told you all about my farm. I am writing this letter because I want to tell you more about my animals. My pet cow called Binky follows me around the field and sniffs my pocket for biscuits. My show jumping sheep jumps over jumps, she is very cute and is very funny. Her name is Sandy. Bobby the bull is greedy. I have a model farm and I play with it a lot. I have a little Jack Russel called Molly, she is very nice and barks when someone comes.

I help with lambing and calving. I have helped to pull a lamb and a calf out of their mums bellies. My Dad lets me drive the bailer when he is hey meking. I sit on the top of the bails and get a lift home from the fields.

Thank you Sam Whiteley

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Anonymous said...

I never got to read the letter. It is wonderful! Sam has never wanted to write so much in his life. I only wish I had the passion and knowledge about something like he does.