Monday, 12 November 2012

The Pottery Mouse by Emily Wood

Emily is in year 4/5 at Bowling Green Primary School, Stainland. I have worked with her there but she sent me this story some time ago, and I was thrilled to learn that she had written it specially for me. She has a super style and tells a great story, and it's hard to believe she was only 8 when she wrote it! I've seen the lovely mouse which inspired the story and love to think of children letting their imagination go and thinking up stories behind familiar objects. You can tell that Emily just loves to write, so well done and keep it up!


Once there was a little girl called Katie at school they made all these pottery animals. But Katie did not make a dog or a cat or a fish she made a pottery mouse. Now she loved this pottery mouse. In the day time she would put the mouse on her windowsill. And at night time she would rest it on her bedside table. At night Katie would often hear scampering and rustling inside the house every night she would lay down and listen to all the noise. One day Katie was getting ready for school when she saw that her pottery mouse was not on her bedside table. "Where has my mouse gone?" Katie said in a very scared voice. When Katie was ready she searched all over the place but she could not find her pottery mouse . When Katie came back from school she was very glum. She sadly walked up the stairs and went to her bedroom. Then all of a sudden Katie got a big shock there on her bedroom table was the little pottery mouse.

But there was something different about the pottery mouse. It was covered with dust and dirt.

When it came to Katie's bed time she put her little sneak cam up. The next morning was Saturday and Katie rushed out of bed got her sneak cam and played the video. Katie got a really big shock in the night her pottery mouse had turned into a normal mouse sneaked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Now after this Katie rushed out of her room and ran into the kitchen. And there on the table was her little pottery mouse this time it was covered with fur, dust and dirt. Katie then touched her pottery mouse and she could feel a heart beating and the mouse breathing. Then all of a sudden the mouse jumped of the table and ran into Katie's bedroom.

Katie had made a little box which had a feathered bed and two little bowls to put food and water in. And there the little pottery mouse lay and gave birth to five little baby pups. As Katie walked in she saw the little pottery mouse and it's little pups and ran to find her mum and dad. And from that day on the little pottery mouse lived in a nice cosy home. With all her little pups.

The End

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