Thursday, 22 January 2009

If it feels good...

I'm always reading interviews with authors who sound so very disciplined in the way they write. You now the kind of thing: I write every morning from 8 until 2 then I'm finished for the day. Or, more scarily, I start in the morning and don't stop until I've written 1,000 words. And so many people seem to have every single part of their book mapped out in minute detail - graphs and charts or seperate files for each character and plot strand and....

I've got a stack of papers all muddled up in an A4 Box file, a filing cabinet filled with random snippets and bits of paper all over the house. Plus of course notebooks filled with pages of scribbles in every handbag I own.

So there's always that worry of 'Am I doing this right?'

But if I spent too long worrying about that I'd never get anything done. And as it is I keep flicking on to the Internet for 'research':

vaccinations required for Zambia
Dates of term times
Details of Leeds Festival boots....must check those out....

So I guess we all have our own way of working and if it feels good and we're happy with what we're getting written, well it's got to be 'right' for us.

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